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Inoue's going up to his fourth weight class and he hasn't even thrown a single punch in the division yet and he demanded the Fulton fight. That's unbelievable G-ness. And as for the hand wrap issue well, the issue is not so much tape on bare skin, as layer after layer of gauze, tape, gauze, tape, gauze, tape, gauze, tape... that's double stacking. It's the double stacking that's illegal but stacking is legal in some countries and states in USA. People say Inoue been double stacking, it’s affects punches makes them much harder. Either Fulton and his team threatened to walk from the fight or Inoue's and his team want make an emphatic statement by knocking Fulton out with his insisted wraps AND with pillows. Date : 7/25/23 Timing : 4.30AM ET



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